Use 2 footswitches?

Hi, a friend thought it’s possible to use 2 footswitches with BB – I have lots of amp footswitches around, used for switching reverb on and off, that kind of thing – they plug in with 1/4 guitar cable. Is it possible to use a second footswitch with BB and assign the functions a bit differently? and if so how would you hook them up etc? Thanks!

edited to say, I took another look and it doesn’t seem like it would work – the inputs are only for running instruments etc into BB? Just thought it would be nice to have another button or two to, instead of double tapping for outtros etc.

Jan H.

The BeatBuddy (BB) remote foot switch connection requires a TRS cable—not a guitar cable.

You probably have latching type switches which will work but a) they’re noisy and b) they won’t provide all of the features of the latest firmware versions for the pedal. The switches should be momentary type switches and ideally, they should both be of the same type (momentary on or momentary off). Probably best if you can wire both switches into a single enclosure.

Can you plug in a mono cable and use just one switch?

If the footswitches are of a momentary type, this adapter cable might work to enable use of one or two switches that have TS/mono plugs on the ends. Either the tip or ring input would be chosen for a particular function if only a single footswitch is used.

A TS/mono cable plug may ‘confuse’ the BB as where there would be a ring connection on a TRS plug, the BB jack ring connection would connect to the sleeve of a TS plug which is ‘ground’. The BB functions that relate to tip connection of a TRS plug may work OK, but functions that use the ring connection would not work and may be stuck in a mode.

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doh was asking about Midi Maestro, then realized there’s a whole section devoted to it.

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Hey there,

You, unfortunately, can’t use more than one footswitch with the BB but by using MIDI you can use a MIDI controller to send the BB commands. You would require a MIDI Breakout Cable and a standard Male to Male 5 pin MIDI cable to connect the BB to any MIDI devices.

Here’s an image of one possible way to use this configuration using our products:

If you’d like to read up on the BeatBuddy and MIDI, try out the BeatBuddy Manual and/or the BB MIDI commands sheet.

Hope this is helpful, let me know!

thanks, very helpful!

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You’re welcome!