Use BB Manager without Pedal?

I have the BeatBuddy coming soon and I’m wondering if it’s possible to play around with the stock songs/beats on the software without the pedal?

I have downloaded v1.33 and installed it on a Win 8.1 laptop. It all worked but the drumsets and songs were blank. Can’t really do anything.


If you mean can you use the BeatBuddy without the external footswitch - then yes, you totally can!
Most of the time I don’t plug my footswitch at all. When practicing new stuff internal pedal is more than enough - start, stop, fill, transition - it’s all here!

Footswitch is just more of a convenience thing, but totally not required.

What @FallenAskari i think is asking is if it is possible to use the Beatbuddy Manager software without actually having the pedal to import the SD card.

The answer is yes, follow the process below.


If you do NOT own a BeatBuddy: Download this file (325 MB). This contains all of the BeatBuddy’s default content.

  1. In the BB Manager click 'File > Import Single File Project

  1. Then select the file you downloaded (Name: Default+BeatBuddy+content+(single+file)+with+all+drum+sets.bbz)

NOTE: A Project is the collection of drum sets and songs (beats) that goes on your BeatBuddy’s SD Card. You can have only 1 Project per SD Card. You can save multiple Projects on your computer for use with the BB Manager. The BB Manager saves each project in its own folder.

  1. Now the BB Manager will ask you to name this new Project that you are importing into it. Name the Project and click ‘Save’.
    You now have all of the Default Content in the BB Manager! For a tutorial of how to use it, please click here.

Thanks guys for the help!
I ordered Monday night and got it today, Wednesday afternoon-just in time for p&w practice!
This pedal is amazing! Makes me feel like a real musician lol trying to figure out where the fills should go and really paying attention to timing and feel of the songs. I just need to make my set list and make the fills simpler then I’m all set! woohoo!

Great job Beat Buddy Team!

Lol… I’m glad it’s not just me… I’m waiting for mine to arrive and I’ve been using my computer to play around at the house… Using my foot to tap the space bar to hit fills… Doesn’t work so well but I’m getting the idea of how to use it…

Created my first song yesterday… Kokomo by the beach boys and I don’t even cover that song… Lol…