Use full midi programmation from midi editor for midi out


I’ve been using beatbudy for a while, and I’m happy with it ! I recently started to edit my own midi sequences with a midi editor and put them in customized songs with beatbuddy manager.
It works fine, but I would like to do more now : I’d like to program control change commands and program change commands in the midi sequences and use them to drive external devices through midi out port.
for example, when I start a song, the intro sequence would include one or more pgm change command to set the right pad on my multi effect pedalboard, or start a light sequence with a midi light controller.
so, BB would be the general sequence manager for all my midi configuration.

To achieve that, BB should be able to “read” CC and PC programmation from the midi sequence and send them to the out midi port. Do you think it would be possible ?

Thank you for your answer,

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