Use iPad to control pedal?

I use the PUC+ for Bluetooth midi connection from my iPad to the BB.

To address Midi connection/routing and conditioning I use MIDIFire and StreamByter. I cannot say enough about these two apps. Unreal service and assistance. I did rudimentary basic programming 50 years ago.

Changing PC to CC was a big change for me.

I just purchased the unit. Great beats good drum sounds. But I hate bending over. Just a suggestion. Why not build a table top unit controller , or mic mounted unit ? Really Easy to read and set up. And use a foot pedal with 6 switches , When your on the go and singing you don’t need to bend over to change rhythm that would be much user friendly for the performance
Thank you

You can do these things now using a midi controller to control BeatBuddy. This thread is about an iPad app to control BeatBuddy from “somewhere besides the floor.”

You can use any midi controller you like, mounted anywhere you like. You can put one on your table top, on your mic stand, at your feet, in your digital audio software, in the living room, wherever you can send midi to the BeatBuddy using wires, bluetooth, or even wifi. You can use a portable phone, an iPad, a computer, or any device that can be used to send midi, even other floor pedals. With these control options already available, I would be very surprised to see Singular Sound release different product versions with the same functionality but different form factors. And I certainly wouldn’t want to have to buy 3 different units for floor, mic and table top.