Use iPad to control pedal?

Im trying to use my ipad to run my BB. dont want to bendover and set beats for every song any more. Just want to touch a song on my ipad and wsnt the BB to go to correct beat i pick and tempo. Anyone help me?

Check out OnSong. There was also another thread somewhat recently about an iPad midi controller software. I’ll see if I can find it.

This was it. Midi Designer. Midi Controller Pro might also be worth looking into. And, the external footswitch is good for scrolling through a folder.

I use onsong. It’s great. Lots of resources on how to use the app and how to use it with the beat buddy

As well as On Song, there is also Set List Maker and its big brother Bandhelper

If you search the forums there’s a heap of posts about using onsong and the beatbuddy.

To specify a beat, put this at the top of a song…
MIDI: 0.:

MIDI: 0.0:0 will select Blues 1.
You can then go to the MIDI settings, enable Tempo (Not midi clock sync). Tempo will send the BPM when you select the song.

…that is, if Blues 1 is the first song in the first folder on your BB.

Onsong with iPad - which cable please? Lightning to PS/2 6-pin mini-din? Like this
But this says 5-pin in the spec.

The iPad will control the BB over Bluetooth when using OnSong. You need the Beat Buddy midi cable, and a Bluetooth midi adapter like the Yamaha BT01. There is no physical connection made between the iPad and the B.B.

Thanks, but I happen to want a cable connection. My modified BB is on the side of my mic stand about 6" from my iPad on my music stand.

Tim, not sure if I understand your requirement but if you’re looking for a single cable solution to connect between your iPad and the BB, I’m not sure there is one.

You’ll need the your Lightning cable connected to something like (kind of expensive) and a 5-pin male-to-male MIDI cable connected to the BB MIDI Sync Adaptor which is connected to the BB pedal.

To make a physical connection, you would need a total of 3 items. There are a number of iPad to midi products. Be sure to get one that matches your iPad connector and that works with iOS you are able to run. I like the IK Multimedia Products, as they do generally keep them up to date. However, even IK has let some products go obsolete. Second, as far as I know, all of the available products create a female midi port, meaning you will need a standard 5 pin to 5 pin midi cable. Finally, you will need the B.B. midi breakout cable in order to have a port compatible with 5 pin midi cable.

I use the iPad to control my BeatBuddy with bluetooth via the PUC+. The are a number of apps which will send the midi commands.

Songbook Chordpro, forScore are the apps, I am using.

I play keyboard and presently use the iRigKeys I/O. The cable Lightning to Mini Din is used between the keyboard and the iPad. I just replaced it as it failed. There are two types of this cable. Charging and non charging. Look on their site

You can use Quantiloop Pro to select the folder, song and drum set…I really wish Onsong had this menu to choose songs…

Thank you for the info. I tried using the Quantiloop Pro and was successful in getting the BeatBuddy to respond. It is very good app.

I will try to establish a work process to figure which tool fits best.

I played with a friend on a Tuesday using the Beatbuddy. We are using mostly original songs. Experimenting with the B.B. Songs and tempo. Establishes the best fit. Encoding the MIdi commands into the displayed App of Songbook or forScore is a little onerous at first.

As with OnSong the result is turn the page and the BeatBuddy is configured with Song, Tempo and Drumkit. Then playing while controlling is the challenge. The keyboard has configurable pads and controls to fine tune performance issues. Volume, Fills Transistions, Pauses, Outro etc. Lots of geeky stuff to get into, which is why I am enjoying the BeatBuddy so much.

Again, thank you for your info.


I’m working toward using the BeatBuddy with forScore and controlling the BeatBuddy using primarily forScore. I’ve been successful in creating Presets for the BeatBuddy Beat selection, Tempo and Volume.

The recent update of the incremental tempo provides additional presets to initiate a tempo slowdown with the Outro. I place, event located midi action buttons on the score.

I use forScore, MidiFire and SteamByter to provide incremental Volume Controls as well. The custom programming for the Volume +/- increments was provided, at no cost by Audeonic. Integration of the iPad with the BeatBuddy is very exciting to me.


Hi there Realhpd … tell me more about how you use forScore to control your BB.
I also use forScore for more traditional sheetmusic but just got a BB and want to see what midi possibilities lay ahead. tx jim

I use create midi presets using forScore and use midi buttons placed on the score.

Beat selection, Tempo, DrumKit, Volume, Transition, Intro (Start) and Outro (with a Tempo slow down)

A preset Beat selection for example “BBB Bossa-Nova- Brushes Beats” with the Program Change Ch MSB LSB 0-127 entered as 10 0 7 8

Channel 10 for the BB
MSB and LSB, identify the folder the beat is in on your SD card
0-127 identify which beat is selected

The buttons are placed on the score. The first one uses the preset, and the Tempo (B9 6A hh B9 6B hh) DrumKit (B9 74 hh) Delay of 1000ms, Intro (B9 72 01).

When touched it starts the BB.

I use midi buttons where I want transitions (B9 71 7F), this is awkward because to initiate the transition you need to touch the button.

At the end of a song I place a Outro button with B9 73 01

I also use a preset “BB Outro-SlowDown”
B9 51 05
Delay 200 ms
B9 51 05
Delay 200 ms
B9 73 01

Hope this helps. Great app and love the BB.

Note if your using a midi keyboard/controller there is even more opportunities to use midi commands with the BeatBuddy.

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Wow thanks for the detailed response!

Yes forscore is excellent and am growing to really like the bb.

I can have a bigger midi chain. I have a midi keyboard and have used an irig to hook up to my iPad. I also have the BlueBoard which could give me wireless midi.

What do you use do you have a fave wireless midi device to hookup to bb?

Also wondering if you could load the presets from forscore and use the bb pedal to start and do transitions that would give more hands free playing.