USE ME by Bill Withers

[COLOR=rgb(0, 102, 204)]“USE ME” by Bill Withers

Hi Mike,
How I can do to Beatbuddy manager?

Thank you.


Mike, Is there something I am doing wrong to download this song? It has been telling me that it is not available - try back later

This might explain why you’re having trouble:

Use Me.

Anyone resolve this? I need this song!

USE_ME_OPB.sng (28.4 KB)


Cool song. Can you share which drum kit you’re using? I have a lot of “Not supported” notes showing up, and I’d love to map them properly.

I made-up my own drums.

The Default Drum Set indicated by the arrow displays which kit is required for the song. If the asterisk is present in front of the drum set title, that means you don’t have the kit active in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). Search the forum for the kit, download, unzip, use the BBM File - Import - Drum set; once imported into the BBM, click on the Drum sets tab, scroll to the bottom of the list of drum sets and check the box next to the kit.