Use of exclamation points in midi files

I selected a midi file from …workspace\default_lib\midi_sources folder and edited it with Reaper. After making my changes I wanted to be able to save it so that I could incorporate it as a part in a song. When I did the export, I noticed that some of the existing midi files had an exclamation point (or TWO) at the end of the filename. What does this represent and should I be using this in midi files that I add or edit?

Also on that note, if I edit an existing midi file and then save it with the same name, is it automatically incorporated into songs or does it mess things up?

Found this on the Cockos forum Exclamation marks on track items - Cockos Incorporated Forums

As I’ve not tested what you are asking about, I can only offer my opinion:
Singular Sound’s position has been to not edit files directly in your bbworkspace folder as it could mess things up. If it were me, I would copy the file to the desktop and edit it with Reaper outside of the bbworkspace folder, give it a slightly different name to distinguish it from the original and then add that to a song in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

I’m not sure that the BBM automatically updates a song when a midi file has been changed within the bbworkspace folder.