Use of MIDI Maestro to control Aeros

Hi Brennan,

I finally grabbed me a MM.
And I’d like to use the MM as a remote control for the Aeros.
Means I’d need a custom mode that includes a copy of Aeros commands, like overdub, start, stop, etc…
That’d allow me using my entire music room. Guitars and keyboard with Aeros in one corner of the room. Drums with MM in another corner. I’m feeding Aeros with a mixer.

Maybe I missed something and I’m sorry if I did, but are all Aeros commands also available in MM?

Also, the MM app is often crashing when hitting the up right corner arrow to transfer custom commands.
I uploaded the app on both Iphone and Ipad. Same problem.

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There a lot of commands when you go to the app and go to the online browse commands area where a lot of commands are already done. Just make sure to change the channel to match what you are using. It took a little time to learn the app, but i can now pretty much do what i want to it. I even have put several modes myself online. I was thinking about doing some step by step videos for folks who are just learning the app, to help getting started. It really is easy once you get it figured out. I hope this this helps.

Thanks Larry.
Yes a video to help would be very kind of you.
For instance how would you program a CC for overdub ?
I can’t find it in the browser (exept overdub for HX stomp which doesn’t work for aeros).

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CC:41 Record, Play, and Overdub
Record New Track 0 Begins or sets up a recording on the next available empty track, if no tracks are left to record to in a part, it will be ignored. In 6x6, if a new part is selected, this command will start or set up a recording in the new part. If recording to the last track in a part, sending this command will commit the current recording. If there is an undone track and all other tracks are recorded to, this command will record to the next available undone track in order. 3.0.0
Commit Recording 20 This commits any current recording or overdub and goes into playback mode 4.0.0
RPO Selected 100 Record/Play/Overdub on selected track (6x6) 4.1.2
RPO 1 101 Record/Play/Overdub on Track 1 4.1.2
RPO 2 102 Record/Play/Overdub on Track 2 4.1.2

Thanks Larry.

Is it planned to have CCs to lock a track, to speed and slow the clic ?

I use two buttons to create new song, 1st one creates RPO 6x6 song, 2nd one ROP 6x6 song. I use two main actions in single press - create 6x6 song + CC45 value 0 or 1 + redirect to 6x6 commands page. There I have 3 actions on bottom row 1, new track 2, new part 3, rpo selected (I call it “DONE”) to circle through ROP or RPO. Top row can be used to redirect to page where you switch parts, mute tracks etc. Actually, I made severql pages only for 6x6 control. On all of them top left button Takes you to previous page and top right to next page. Top middle button redirects to either Switch parts or to Mute tracks. Bottom row of buttons is used for specific actions, top row is used for page change and redirects. I especially love the idea to make one page for muting tracks and corrections . Top middle button redirects to page where you can toggle mute of individial tracks.On bottom row there is 1, undo redo 2, mute all tracks but 1st one 3, unmute all. Especially muting all but first one or even muting all but 1st&2nd one is usefull to go back in the layers you just recorded, or quickly switch back to the base (first) track.

When you spend some time with it, you can already make your playing easier.

About Custom Mode:
Why Singular Sound didn’t preset basic commands in the ´My Commands’ list?
Each time you need a command you have to seek in the ´Browse Commands’ list, save it the ‘My Commands’ , then only you can use it in the custom mode that you are creating.
This is so boring.