Use of the expression pedal outlet

What is planned for the use of the expression pedal outlet? Will it be possible to put a double footswitch (type FS6) to program different functions?

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We’re planning on having that as a volume control alternative to the wheel. Unfortunately we can’t use it for an external foot switch because it’s a different type of port. More on this soon.


Would be possible to have the expression pedal as an assignable volume control? for example to control dry or input level?


Hi Brennan, the expression pedal is a passive circuit, which means it has states: variable resistance (/diodes) in between the T,R and S. So functions could be assigned to states of a volume expression pedal or just have a custom built switch for any of these states. Then it is ‘just’ programming. This improvement would mean that you don’t have to change the circuit only the software to have a foot switch programmed to a parameter. UNDO!! :slight_smile:


Know it’s quite a ways down the line, but if you do get around to programming an ability to adjust the tempo for retards, etc. having the scroll wheel + an external volume pedal, each assigned to either tempo or volume would be amazing.

That’s one possibility, yes

The dev team says there may be a hack to do something like this, but that may not be the route we take and is not a priority currently.


Specifically, here’s a quick rundown on wiring a three-button footswitch to a expression pedal TRS jack. It’s pretty standard stuff - most mid/high-end pedals will let you set footswitch or EXP mode (e.g. H9, Timeline, Ventris, Repeater, etc.). Would work with your existing hardware, just require some coding.

The Aeros is best expanded by a MIDI controller (like the BeatBuddy or MIDI Maestro). Soon this will be expanded beyond just following simple Start/Stop/Transition commands and Tempo, it will be able to do many functions through MIDI.

We’re definitely aware that a footswitch on the Aeros would be great, but hindsight is 20/20

Thanks for the response, Brennan. My point is that you haven’t lost the chance to do this - this approach is compatible with a standard expression jack, unless you guys have implemented it differently than every other pedal manufacturer. I can understand if you’re saying that developer priorities preclude doing it now, but I’d be very surprised if it’s a hardware limitation. Thanks!


what about tempo ? @BrennanSingularSound

The Aeros does not currently change tempos in the middle of a song, this is because it does not support changing tempos while recording, or playing back. A song must record in one tempo, and playback in that tempo.

We do hope to allow this at some point, but it is not a high priority right now, and it is not the intended use of the pedal port, which most likely would be to control volume (to use instead of the volume wheel), but we have not explored it very much yet.

If you’d like to change the tempo quickly, and there is no MIDI sync activated, the Aeros can quickly be set to any tempo using the tap tempo button (bottom left).

Is there a quick way to turn MIDI sync on and off on the Aeros? I think that’s possible with the Maestro. I prefer to have both the Aeros and Beat Buddy off the floor because I hate to bend over… But, if I could just have the Maestro and an Expression Pedal (for my guitar modeler) on the floor, that would be rad.

Hey there, not currently, we hope to explore MIDI filtering on the Aeros very soon. Stay tuned!

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I posted this somewhere else… but may as well post here too in case it gets missed elsewhere :smiley: I just think it’s a bit redundant to make exp out for volume when we already have that option with the wheel on aeros or someone is just going to control aeros with a midi controller that also has expression out on it instead, or make options for it in settings section of aeros. Like if someone wants to use it as volume then that’s an option or if someone wants to use it to control what I propose below then that is an option etc… Just my idea :slight_smile:

"Or better yet maybe use a expression pedal to engage real-time forward speed / reverse speed functions per track whenever that comes (hope very soon).

Example: Have some way to engage it with a footswitch on aeros and then on the expression pedal, toe forward speeds the track up and heel down slows it down and let us be able to do it while live recording the track(s) too. Perhaps different speed options in settings too for this. Like 1/2 speed or double speed both ways etc…"


@BrennanSingularSound .
Can you give any idea on when the expression jack for volume control will begin functioning?

We do not have a solid date at this time no, but I can say we have dramatically changed the plan to make this much sooner in our dev timeline than it previously was. This is coming soon.

Thanks for the question, we understand the importance of this feature

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Hi, Brennan:
Will it be possible to program the expression pedal to scroll the song list, rather than click on a scroll button individually through dozens and dozens of songs? This would be a great help, to even just get close and use an increment or decrement button at that point. It is the worst drawback on the looper for someone playing live to do this one-click scrolling.

Hey all just want to point out that beta version 5.1.0 is out and has Expression pedal control as well as MIDI filtering. Read more about the major expansions also available in the current live version 5.0.3. EXP control has been working since version 5.0.3.

The wheel is the best option here, in version 5.0.x and later the Aeros buttons are not used to scroll through songs one by one but you can still do so via MIDI