Use the BB pedal as SD card reader/writer?

I haven’t needed to use my SD card reader in years. I have no idea where it might be hiding.

Can’t we just use the BB itself to write data to the SD card, as an “external storage device” on the computer?

I mean, if the SD card is inserted into the BB, the BB is powered from an AC source, and the USB cable is connected to the PC, then the SD card shows up in Windows explorer just like any external card reader would show it.

I just got the BB and I’m ready to update the firmware. So I thought I’d ask about this first - before I go out and spend coin on an SD card reader I might not need to buy.

I suppose this question applies to any other SD card writing we will do with the BB, too.

Welcome, Ting-a-Ling. The answer to your question is “it depends.” If your BeatBuddy was delivered with an older firmware version (1.4.1?), the pedal might connect via USB to a PC but not a Mac. You can try it however, but if it does not work, you will need to update the firmware to 1.8.5 on the SD card. If you don’t have a built-in SD slot on your PC, you will need to find your USB card reader to update the firmware. Once you’ve updated the firmware, you will be able to connect your pedal via USB to either a Mac or a PC. Seems a bummer to have to buy a card reader for a single action. Hope you can find the reader or use a computer with a built-in SD card reader.

Well, it does connect as an external card reader, I can verify that.

I guess my question is, then, will I do any harm my attempting to update the firmware while simultaneously using the BB as a card reader?

ED. Well on the advice of the above post, I took the risk and all went well. So the answer seems to be , yes, the BB can also act as it’s own SD card reader - certainly for firmware upgrading, I suppose it will work just as well when attempting to add drum and song files. Here’s hoping!

Very excited to use this hardware, I’ve been noodling with MIDI for years, but never quite made the leap to full PC-musician - maybe because I’m really a guitarist! This might be the thing to bridge the gap for me. I suspect I’ll be active in the forums, Thanks for the help!


Just make sure you do not disconnect the USB or the power until the update is complete.

I am loving the whole Beat Buddy/Midi thing. I had never fiddled with midi before in my life. Now I can’t get enough. There have been so many innovations and possibilities even since I joined late last year. I look forward to seeing new members crank out new tunes. I prefer the One Press songs. I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, so the transitional presses are a bit of a chore for me. I still use it in that fashion for practice, jamming and guitar lessons and such. Don’t ask me to do anything too techy. But when it comes to editing, I could probably help you get started using your midi knowledge as it relates to the BB.