Use the Beat Buddy in BBManager

It would really make it easier when composing songs to be able to “test drive” them using the Beat Buddy. When the pedal is connected to the pc via usb, it would be helpful if it would trigger events in BBManger so that I can play the song and make adjustments to the song before exporting it to the pedal. Currently the song needs to be downloaded to the pedal and the pedal disconnected from USB to “test drive” it.

This is a good suggestion!
While definitely helpful, implementing this is pretty hard at the moment. It would need a separate Windows driver and an OS X one.
Not to rule this out entirely, but something like this is of low priority currently.

Currently you have to use the virtual pedal, if your mouse is hovering over the pedal then a click of the space bar would trigger it - this is how I audition songs before committing and adding them to my playlist.

That’s how I audition songs too… works pretty well. I have however had a few instances where using the virtual pedal proved to be easier than the actual pedal… in which case I had to go back and combine Fills. :slight_smile: