Used BeatBuddy, what should I check?

I’ve got a lead on used BeatBuddy. According to the seller he bought it and never could get used to it. So aside from checking to make sure it powers up and plays are there any other items that I should look for or check with this pedal?

buying stuff on the internet from sellers is usually fairly good
you kinda buy at your own risk

you should get in the sale ---- a beatbuddy pedal, and if he bought it (sold separately) a beatbuddy footswitch… and a midi lead for loopers (sold separetly too)

here is the link
click on specks…

all the firmware is on the site and plenty of help on the forum

“PS”… make sure the power adapter is for your country…


Appreciate the input. The nice thing about this sale is it’s local. Spoke to the guy for about half an hour last night. Impression I got was he expectation was different from what the pedal is and he’s not interesting in spending a lot of time with it. Current plans are to meet up in person Thursday, so I told him I would have a power strip for my vehicle so I can power it up, check the boot cycle, plug in a powered speaker and listen to it. He is including the 2 button external pedal with the cable.

A couple of other checkpoints:

  • under a year old? ask Support if they’ll honor a warranty transfer
  • 1/8" headphone output with headphones
  • the top-mount and the side wheel volume controls work
  • that the LCD screen is not flickering (if it does because of the car’s power, check again from a 110v outlet)
  • that the remote foot switches are momentary on and not the latching type (if they are, you may want to replace the switches)
  • make sure that the cable he includes with the remote foot switch is a TSR
  • ask him if he has the PS2-midi cable and any spare SD cards that he’s willing to include (or sell)
  • has he bought any of the commercial drum sets or songs and is he including them?

First things to do when you get it home:

  • download and read the user’s guide
  • upgrade the f/w to at least 1.8.5
  • download, install and configure the BeatBuddy Manager
  • register the warranty (if this is still possible)

Good luck. Hope it turns out well.

Pick up the BeatBuddy at lunch. It looks practically brand new. According to the seller he bought it tried it a few times and just couldn’t get the hang of it. Tested it at the meet up and again here at my office. It came with external BeatBuddy pedal. Firmware needs to be updated, but I’ll do that after I play around with it and get a feel for it. He didn’t have the midi cable, but I can pick one of those up and then work on the midi sync with my other gear. I was pleasantly surprised that no one else tried to buy it and that the seller came down so far on the price. Been wanting one since I first read about it.

Plug it and see if you can get sound out of it. Press the main pedal to see if it will start, fill, transition, and outro.

Download the files for the factory SD card from the BB website in case you need to rebuild the card or get a new one.

Download and install the latest firmware and BBManager software.

Did you get the extra foot switch? If so, see if you got a latching or momentary switch.

Got sound out of the headphone and the line outputs. Like I mentioned above the pedal appears brand new and it came with the BeatBuddy external pedal. Plugged it all up and it works. Won’t have time to really sit down with it and give it a good workout until next week due to other commitments. I’ve been following the development of the pedal since the beginning, but as with anything reading about it and having it in hand are two different things. So now comes the fun part of putting all the stuff I’ve been reading about into practice.

…and, if it’s not under warranty, take the back off and thread lock the microscopic washer-less screw that keeps the headphone volume wheel in place.

We’ll honor the warranty. We recently extended the one year warranty to a two-year warranty, and this is also applied retroactively. See if you can get a copy of his original receipt though.

Regarding things to check, @persist actually hit the head of the nail. Turn it on, check all ports (headphone, R+L mono), see that the footswitch port is working (test the footswitch), touch all knobs, update the firmware, look at the screen, play around with the knobs, etc. If it it all looks good, then it probably is good. We are here to back it up, so just in case you missed something, you can always contact us directly to honor the warranty:

Please note, only use compatible adapters with the BeatBuddy (9 volt, center negative, and a minimum of 300 mA), otherwise you may damage the BeatBuddy.