Used Mini, footswitch problems

Just got a mini used off of eBay and LOVE the darn thing. It didn’t have a cable for the footswitch so I just plugged in a short guitar cord. Symbol crash works but the other button doesn’t seem to do anything. The unit alone works great, but not with the added footswitch. Did I get taken? Also I can’t seem to figure out exactly how to pause the drums for a solo section. I accomplished once, but not sure how I did it. Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome. You did not get taken! You need a TRS cable (stereo) for the remote foot switch. Once you get that, you should be good.

PERFECT, off to the music store, thank you so much. How about the pause question. Makes for a great affect, just don’t know how to achieve it.

Not familiar with the Mini setup but if it’s anything like it’s big brother, it should allow you to configure the switches to pause/unpause the beat.

The Mini’s footswitch functions are preconfigured and cannot be changed. The pause/unpause is the right footswitch button. Full details on the footswitch functions are on page 10 of the Mini quick start guide: