Used the Aeros for the first time on a gig, went well

So, even though I just got the looper on Monday night, I took it to a gig, last night. Figured I’d share…
So, I use mine for soundscapes, a 6-string bass through a 12 pedal stereo board.

A local synthesizer radio show was doing a feature on my music, with an in-studio performance, last night.

I set it up for 6 x 6 mode, and laid down a total of four different textures on 4 tracks. Using just the feet, I was able to go in and slowly fade out the first two tracks, with no problems, then eventually take the other two out. It was really easy and intuitive.

No problems. Again, as I said before, I’m hoping they’ll do a crossfade option for overdubs… that would have allowed for a more seamless first loop. Instead, I just let it fade out then started the next loop.

The only thing I really noticed is I just need to get the command memory down better… I wanted to delete my first two loops, but, in the moment, I couldn’t think of the quick, easy way to do that.

Another feature that would be nice is a loop trail feature… when you shut off a loop, it fades, instead of just stopping abruptly.

I know we’re still having probs, bugs, issues in this early stage, but I really think it’s going to be worth the wait.


how did you do the fadeouts, with the volume wheel in mixer mode?

That’s exactly how I did it.


DId you or they take a video/audio of this performance? would love to hear it

Here’s the track where I used the Aeros, it’s all me until the 12:30 mark and then the other guys come in.

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Thanks for posting the mp3 link. sounds cool. reminds me of Mr. Robot soundtrack (my fave show) :slight_smile:
Keep it up. looking forward to more from you and the Aeros.

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