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How much control do you guys have over the way the forum works. Can you add a “User Content” to our profiles? I’d like to have a personal space where I can upload all the songs and kits I create so that people can come to a central place, rather than having to troll the forums. Or should I figure out this using the other website

Interesting idea…I was planning on using beatbuddy and in the additional info section adding a link to my Dropbox for the songs created using just the stock content - been too busy though to make a start on that.

That’s a great idea but it would be better to have a completely new area just for Uploads and downloads just by themselves to go to for getting other peoples ideas on different songs and rhythm patterns. How about asking David Pakouz about this. He would be the man to talk to. That way, if everybody wanted to share what they’ve created, they would have on place to go and wouldn’t have to search for it. David Pakouz, are you out there somewhere? Give us an idea on what you think.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I agree here. Ideally I’d like to see an online library where we can upload beats, classify them, and be able to search and sort by their different characteristics.

For instance, I want to be able find any song that anyone has upload that has “with bass”. The forum does a good job of keeping up with what you’ve already seen or not, but the problem with the site is two fold: 1) you can’t upload on your own… you have to submit them, and 2) you have to search the entire site everytime you go. Likewise, the way Guitar Stu’s forum is, also that you its difficult to figure out what’s new, unless he specifically puts it in a “new” list.

So we need at least: who updated, genre, hasBass?, dateLoaded, dateUpdated (very important, because the updates are probably the most important part… we played it live, and made important updates), drum kit?, category/tags? (standard beat, vs custom beat, vs drums with bass, vs backing track (like my Regulate one), and what is the next thing we are going to hack this thing to do??). If you guys have that much control over the forum, as opposed to some kind of canned solution, that would be awesome.

Well, we have a really talented web guy working on the forum. I am more than positive he is able to implement something like this. …but only if the idea is accepted by David Packouz himself, as it was correctly stated in the thread already. He is definitely the one to decide.

I like this idea. It would definitely be a lot more convenient to be able to sort results according to certain criteria, rather than searching manually. Definitely agreed. In my personal opinion, it would be better to have a centralized database of these songs, categorized in the above described fashion, rather than just having user content on the personal profile. (or possibly instead of…?)

I passed this on to David.

We’ve been looking for a plugin for the forum that can do this… We’ll be experimenting with some soon.

Thank you David for a direct response. It is much appreciated.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.