User Generated Beats


Can someone give me the steps to get the user generated beats that are posted from where they are now into the BB Manager so that they can be exported/imported. When I click on a beat and download it the pull down arrow on the right side gives me 3 options, I’m lost from this point on. Thanks


For .sng files open BBManager first, then use Export-Import > Import song in the Main menu (upper left corner).


That just imports/exports songs that are already in the users Library or that are already in BB manager, I am trying to understand how to move the songs from the forum section where user generated songs are posted to the BB manager where that import/export funtion can take place., Thanks for the help


Oh… well.

  1. Download the .SNG file from the forum.
  2. Open the folder in Windows Explorer where you have saved that file.
  3. In the BBManager use the menu item I’ve already told - Import-Export > Import song.
  4. Navigate to folder from point 2 (where you have your downloaded .SNG file)
  5. Select this file.
  6. This should do the trick for you.

If anything from the above steps is still not clear - please feel free to use Simply type your question there and learn the answer. I actually do it all the time!


That’s my problem isn’t it, there are no programs in windows that will open .sng files so I can’t save the file in explorer windows.Only BB manager opens .sng files, but I can’t get them there.


Ok, I see it.

Let’s try to go this way.

Step 1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox. Use for support if there are any problems.
Step 2. Use the screenshot. You need to save file, not open it!


Thank you Daefecator, I knew it had to be something very simple, after i followed your instructions and sent my BB to the location of my download files, I found the other 6 downloads of the song waiting for me.

Now I have 1 small problem, I started a new folder in BBM and I have several renamed songs in it as well as a couple I am working on programming. Whenever I imported that song from the forum in BB manager BBM put it in with the original unaltered Blues File, even though I had my new folder open. I know how to export the imported song from the Blues folder into my new folder, but is there a way to tell BBM which folder you want to import a song into when bringing it from the computer download files. Just trying to understand why BBM put the song into the Blues File.


Never mind on last post, I figured it out. Didn’t have the ***folder open, lol.


That’s great, Luvaul!

I am glad you have sorted it out now! Have fun with your pedal! :slight_smile:


so–i imported some of the user beats into a “new folder” but when i play them on the manager, my mouse cursor floats around and i cant control it or pick a transition/fill/outro/etc–it will run and just stop randomly :roll:


OK i have now got all of the user beats that I imported in a “song” folder marked “new” and have tried to export to pedal with no success— do I open the folder and re export? (after exporting to pedal, I have scrolled thru the song list and there is nothing after 22.metronome-there should be a 23 new folder if this exported correctly?? bear with me guys :oops:


Have you synchronised the project, you don’t want to export the project. My 2nd video explains the process.


yes psalm40-i have watched it a few times–one difference in your tutorial and my install-when downloading in firefox,i had a download file that had each song contained in a Beatbuddy pedal icon and by double clicking the icon it would transfer to the new folder on my manager-as i mentioned, when auditioning the material my mouse would not allow me to navagate or audition transitions,fills,song parts etc.-how do i delete the “new folder” and start over-obviously did something incorrectly :oops:


Maybe the easiest thing to do is to reimport project from pedal and start again. however to delete a folder in the BeatBuddy; highlight the folder, go to “Organise” and select “delete folder”.
I personally have gone off Firefox…I just find it too slow and prefer chrome, I can’t remember which browser I used for the tutorial - didn’t think of that.

What song are you trying to add to the BB?


Psahm40–i have downloaded from the user beats --I dont want to spoil the party,If I needed someone,Hard to handle, Cant always get what you want. SuzieQ, sympathy for the devil,whats going on>imported them to BBM and then tried to export to pedal–they never get to the pedal :roll:


Please be very clear on your terminology, exporting and synchronising is not the same thing. If you can play the songs in the manager software then all you should need to do is synchronise the project with the BeatBuddy. If that option is greyed out you will need to import the project from pedal and start again. If you have done all of that then start at the beginning with just creating a new folder and synchronising to ensure that that works before getting more “advanced”. If that also does not work then something else is going on maybe make a video of what you are doing as there must be something that I’m missing.


okay-finally got it figured out and have my “new folder” in the pedal with the various songs/beats that have been generated by forum members-although i have been reluctant to insert the tamborine zip that Charlespencer has put with the beatles stuff–not completely sure how to add it to the songs ?


Just for clarity and for other users searching having this issue in the future could you explain what you did to resolve the issue, as you seemed to be having lots of problems.
As for the tamborine, you could send a PM to Charlespencer, I am also sure he explains this in another post. However there is a PDF with the BeatBuddy manager software download that explains how to add a drum set and another “instrument” to an existing drum set. Basically you need to create a new “instrument” (tambourine) give it the correct midi note that matches the midi file and then when that midi file plays the midi note for the tambourine, it will trigger the tambourine WAV file.


there were a few things that I was confused about-it was not a problem to download the user beats to my computer and import them to a new song folder on the BBM.
In your tutorial,you show auditioning the songs including the example you built, When i would audition the songs,my mouse cursor would not respond properly,I couldn’t audition transitions, or even get to the outro(more on that later)

OK so at this point I am thinking “well maybe it needs to export to the pedal” so I would plug the usb cable into the pedal and choose “export to pedal” after doing so and overwriting etc. I would unplug the usb cable to check the BB pedal for content and not find the “new folder” in the folders section onscreen–frustration beginning to set in! after numerous retrys/deletions/reloading of songs,reviewing your tutorial, and at one point you stated “Maybe the easiest thing to do is to reimport project from pedal and start again.”–ok,how can I reimport it from the pedal when it has never made it there in the first place…
Soooooo, at this point, I tried this-rather than trying to load a bunch of stuff up to BBM- I restarted by plugging in the USB,importing 1 song and “synchronizing the project” then unplugging my usb cord, I found in the folders on my BB------#23 New Folder with the song I imported to BBM!
I imported each song one by one in the same manner and ended up with 18 user beats(thank you forum contributors!) They all play thru the BB headset properly!! and the only untried issue resolution is auditioning the songs on BBM without having the cursor float around the screen(i just tried it–no issues found) I know if I built this "song list"and synched them all at the same time they would have been fine as well but after all the self inflicted aggravation it was best that I did it this way…I am not sure about if the plugging/unplugging the USB cable was part of the issue but it was never stated in the tutorial if it is necessary to keep it plugged in(other then to check the screen for the synch to have reached the pedal) :oops:


As long as it is resolved :mrgreen:
The USB cable only needs to be attached when you want to transfer data to or from the Beatbuddy. If you have an SD Card reader you dont need the pedal at all, just plug the SD card into your reader when transfering data, when done sitck it back in the BB.