User Songs?

Hi all, I am setting up about 70 songs to use strictly with my acoustic guitar. I have been able to manage to “Fit” some of the Blues, Rock, and Country presets in the BB, but having trouble with some of the songs. Does anyone have a user library they have developed that would share?
She Talks to Angels
Knockin on Heavens Door
More Than Hearts
Kansas City



you might look here:
Song Matching Tool by Singular Sound

The song matching tool can be helpfull, but not all the song are choosen from the default library, If you don’t own the premium library you’ll still have to find a match from the default.
Try the following
She talks to angels rock2 81 bpm
Knocking on heavens doors ballad2 70 bpm
More than hearts, could not find a song with that title on youtube
Kansas city country2 train shuffle 167 bpm
Etc? is a very long list, you need to be more precise :grinning:
Also adding info on what artist is helpfull, make find the correct song easier.


Thank you!!! I have downloaded the latest version of the Song Matching Tool, didn’t know there was one so this helps a lot. Also, it appears I need to update the BB software as well, will the update cause any loss to my set lists?

Thanks again


As long as you’re talking about the macOS version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and not the firmware on the pedal, you should be good to go.

I found the preset Country 1-125 to be better for Kansas City. Sorry but it sounds good to me.

Don’t be sorry, if it sounds good it’s good. It all depends on what video or music you are listening to and search for a suitable preset.