User's Songs with Different Requirements?

OK, I know I’m going to sound dumb with this next question, but I was looking at the song downloads that users create and I see that they each have different requirements. I understand the Frimware version or the BeatBuddy Manager version of software that needs to be used. What I’m not clear on is the v1 Standard Pro or v2 NP Standard Pro Bass is? Is that software or hardware? Even when I do a basic Google search by those terms, I don’t find anything that makes sense to me? Any resources or assistance would be much appreciated.
Down by the River OPB 1.2 Neil Young & Crazy Horse

  • v1 Standard Pro
  • v2 NP Standard Pro Bass
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version ≥1.6b
  • Firmware > v1.8.5 (recommended)
    Includes: 2 songs, chords & lyrics; & source midi file
  • usually—almost always, my songs are done in a one-press format
    • DOP = drums one-press
    • OPB = one-press bass
    • OPBk = one-press bass and keys
  • v1, or version one of the song requires one of the premium kits and it’s just the drum kit;
  • v2 includes bass notes along with the drums—the NP stands for non-percussion (bass) and is a modified Standard Pro kit to which bass has been added. The Standard Pro is available from
  • v3 songs usually includes drums, bass and keys and those kits are available from Resources/Drum Kits

All of this is done in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and you don’t need any hardware other than the pedal.

Why do I package and post my songs this way? Convenience for me but also a sort of menu of what’s included with my song. I don’t think anybody else on the forum does it this way. Why do I have 3 versions of the song? Some users are bass players and they only want the drums (DOK); others are guitar players and they prefer the drums with bass (OPB); if a song has piano or organ (or other instruments), the OPBk is for them. Why don’t I use free drum kits? I’m not marketing for Singular Sound and it’s probably nothing other than my personal preference. The Standard Pro and NP Standard Pro Bass kits have the most complete and best sounding drum kit; the bass has pretty good audio quality when using the recommended versions of the software and firmware.

What Persist said + I created most of my songs for me, and I choose to share them with all of you. I usually just post the version that I am using, although sometimes I am feeling generous and go through the effort of making a just drums and bass version. Most of my songs use my drum kits which include keyboards, and, in order to control the drum volume vs. the keyboard/bass volume, I have made drum kits that have drums panned left, and bass/keys panned right. I also generally map my bass at Midi 0 through 31 or so. There are several different bass mapping versions used on the forum, so sometimes you need a particular user kit for the song to sound as intended. There are also a handful of songs that have special effects in them requiring a particular drum kit. Most of the drum kits needed are posted in the Resources section where you find the songs. Any additional question, feel free to ask away!

Thank you both for the useful information!

Now… I have one more stupid question regarding different users songs or beats. Sorry, I’m still grappling with the terminology, hopefully I used the correct terms? So… the couple of times that I download a song file, it was from a free Beat Buddy offer. Both times the instructions had me open the standard zip file, put the files on the desktop, and drag the file with the .pbf file extension. However, most of the songs that I see in the Resources/Songs category here use .sng or .mid file extension. Do I drag and drop those onto the SD card? I guess I’m really looking for a little better explanation as to how to load these other types of song files.


How to import new songs into BeatBuddy:

Everything must be done using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). The .pbf extension identifies a BBM formatted folder that contains several songs with .sng extensions.

Leave the .pbf file on your desktop. From the BBM File > Import > Folder and you should be in business.

Nope! I tried importing the folder, the .sng file as a song and every time I did a dialog box said, "Cannot extract Portable Song C:/Users/William C/AppData/Local/Temp/{db8888dd-4902-46e9-aed1-90842c07702}/history/12/._Down_by_the_River_v5.sng However, when I clicked on “Songs” menu and then New Song/Ins it created/inserted a place holder for the song. Then I clicked on File/Import Song, and that did the trick for one song. And if you don’t like that file, under the “Songs” file menu there is an option to delete a song. But one last step is to sync your desktop BB app with your SD card, so that you can see and use it on the pedal. I’m having issues with this first file playing correctly, so… I’m not sure if it’s my issue, or the person who made the file. But at least I had some success with accessing the file and getting it in the app and on the pedal. So… that worked for me anyway… But thank you for your suggestion, it may well have lead me to the correct answer, and hopefully that works for you too!