Using 2 MIDI Maestros at once?

Is it possible to hook up 2 Midi Maestro’s to make it act as if it was a single 12 button unit?

Example: I have one unit at the moment which is programmed to control Bias FX2. Due to limited switches, I have to program page switching to access buttons I can’t fit on one page. Will hooking into a 2nd MM allow me 12 buttons per page?

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Hey there,

Yep, you could technically hook up as many as you like to your MIDI chain, we just suggest you place them all at the beginning of the chain.

Thanks for the question!

Awesome, If that’s the case, I may envision an entire board filled with MM’s, lol!

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Keep in mind the more devices in a chain the higher the latency as it passes through each additional unit, since MM sends no clock this is likely not a huge issue especially if only one more is added

Hey! Sorry for the ignorance but I’m struggling to get my midi maestro to connect to Bias FX 2 Mobile. Are you using the mobile to the desktop version? And would you mind lending any tips or tricks so that I can get my rig up and running. Thanks!