Using 3 units together to play live

Hi…Im also have same situation…must change from Band to one-man band…I use this trio too…but I have many problems that all play together…for example to switch the song to the next in the songlist…whats your solution?..and wich options you use with MM?

Can you help me?

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Well, I don’t keep a “aetlist” because each one of my shows are unique. I often wish I had a “setlist” instead of a “songlist” because then it’d be faster and easier to get to the next song. I have over 100 songs looped in my Aeros so I’m considering creating a secondary SD card just for my “Hits” or “Goto” songs for situations where I don’t have to fill as much time. That said, I basically think of what I am going to play next, announce it to the crowd to create some anticipation and quickly kneel and start scrolling the Aeros while doing the same with the BeatBuddy. I also use the search function in the Aeros (using as few characters as possible) to identify the next song and while it loads I find it in the beatbuddy. Using the search function also means the next song searched will start near the previous. meaning, if you search for a song with an S, then the next search will start in the S part of the alphabet. Knowing this I might make my next selection from the backhalf of the alphabet just to speed things up.
This is the best way i know how without a setlist.

When using the MM to control the Aeros & BB, it’s almost 100% for switching song parts. When using it just with the BB (say with my acoustic guitar) I will use the MM to speed up or slow down the BPM, or to double or halve the time, those options become very useful when playing with just the BB.

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Hi you can use a second MM to create 60 Buttons for 60 songs…then you can choice all songs on BB and Aeros how you want…when you know on wich of the page it is…
But what I dont realized is go step by step up or down in the list.For BB is it possible…but with Aeros I dont know how is going…

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This is possible on the Aeros using MIDI on beta 5.0.0. You can change to the next or previous song in the album

Next Song CC:43 value 20
Previous Song CC:43 value 10

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And now we have the real deal feature with being able to load a specific song (5.1.0) when we enable MIDI song select in the edit song window, and set the MIDI MSB Bank # and MIDI PC value
send : CC:0 value 0, PC:1

Yet another feature (problem solved) for the gigging musician.

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