Creating a setlist with the Aeros

Is this referring to a setlist type of feature? I created 19 loops the other day and I want to have them in a specific order at all times. Didn’t what to create a thread if this was already addressed

Hey there,

Here is the process for reordering songs as detailed in the manual

Reorder songs

If the Album order is set to ‘Custom’, the Reorder songs option will be available. This order will be recalled once set to custom again even if you choose to organize songs by date or alphabetical order.

While highlighting the ‘Reorder Songs’ option, press the right Aeros button to start moving songs. You can also tap the ‘Reorder Songs’ option using the touchscreen to enable it.

There are two methods to change the order of songs in the album:

  1. Use the touchscreen to tap on either the up or down arrow buttons next to each song. This will move the specific song up or down by one.
  2. Press the middle Aeros button, ‘Move’, while highlighting a song. Once you press move, use the wheel to change the song’s position, when you are done, press the middle button, ‘Finish’, to stop moving the song and confirm the new position. This can be canceled by tapping the bottom left Aeros button before confirming.

Thanks for the question!

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