Using a drum machine to control aeros


I currently use a bb to control aeros which sends a cc 102 (I think) to switch next part when you press and hold the pedal

Am now switching to an electronic drum machine probably the Arturia drumbrute impact

Would I be right in saying that for the next part function to work a machine would have to output a CC 102 message when it switches parts?

Also, does anybody know of a similar drum machine that does this and has tested it i.e. when it switches parts it switches parts on the Aeros




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Hey there,

Yes the machine should send a CC102 command to the Aeros to transition immediately or you can use a MIDI device that converts incoming MIDI messages to the desired CC if it sends a different command.

The device needs to send the command as soon as it switched parts to work

Bear in mind, the Aeros needs to be receiving clock and Start/Stop commands to work well with a drum machine

Thanks for the question