Using a Korg PadKontrol with Beatbuddy

Hello Beatbuddy Fan Club

My first post here , so I hope I get it right.

I bought the Beatbuddy after doing many hours of research, looking for drum machine that fit my needs. Well I was pleasantly surprised by what I found the Beatbuddy is capable of achieving.

I wanted a hands off Drum machine, that I could control by MIDI CC commands. And I think I have found the perfect marriage, the Beatbuddy and the Korg PadKontrol MIDI Studio Controller.

The sync up very easy using a 5 pin midi cable and the Beatbuddy MIDI cable connecting the PadKontrol MIDI OUT to the Beatbuddy MIDI IN and with the free Korg Librarian Editor programming all the CC # was a piece of cake. Now I can control all of the MIDI IN functions that the Beatbuddy allows by the drum pads on the Korg. So once the kit and style are selected you are set to go. The great thing is you can pick up a Korg PadKontrol for around $50 used.

Here is the list of what I am controlling with the CC #

Headphone Volume CC 109
Main Volume CC 108
Transition CC 113
Drum Fill CC 112
Pause/UnPause** CC 111
Accent Hit CC 110
Tap TEMPO CC 117

**NOTE Pause/UnPause must be set to Toggle for this to work. All other commands are Momentary.

I also believe that Double Time CC 83 and Half Time CC 82 are also command able, I have not tried these functions as I don’t need them.



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