Using a Volume pedal on the out put of beat buddy can give you more control.

Not just a Volume pedal at the out put jack but place an ab switch at the in put will unable you to by pass the guitar signal on to gear you do not want the beat buddy running thru.

Why do you want to run the Guitar through the Beatbuddy?
I run my BB separate to one of the Mixer channels… No Guitar messing with it, and vise versa…
I need an Extra Volume pedal to control the Output/Loudness/Gain because sometimes the beatbuddy is too loud and also sometimes too soft!
[SIZE=6]I wish we could program the Volume Level of every single Song in the BB Manager just like we can with the Speed of every song…[/SIZE]
Then I would not need an Extra volume pedal after a while…
[SIZE=5]Should you use a Low Impedance or High Impedance Volume Pedal???[/SIZE]

Btw, I totally LOVE the BB :slight_smile:

To be honest I don’t really know whether my pedal is high or low impedance, but I used it already with a Morley Little Aligator volume pedal and currently I play it with a Valeton EP2 mini. Both are working fine but in the meantime I prefer the little Valeton due to space limitations on my pedal board. I also use a micro boost pedal which works as an attenuator since it is faster and more easy just to switch during a gig than to search the right volume with a pedal:)

Hi, I have a beat buddy mini and need to control the output volume that goes into my mixer… I’m not sure if I need to buy a Boss FV-500H (High Impedance) or a Boss FV-500L (Low Impedance) or even the Boss FV-30H or Boss FV-30L (all my other gear is Boss / Roland)

Please can anyone advise?

Many thanks.

The general rule is that with an instrument level signal you would use the 500h. It’s 250k ohm pot, vs. a 25k ohm on the 500L.

Regarding volume pedals - I posted this some months ago and agree with others - pedals are imprecise to be polite. We use the Boss FV-30L (low Z) stereo from BB into our mixer (L/R) which works fine for our specific requirements - sturdy, small, no power required and clean stereo. But…its level changes are a bit abrupt. I can flex the volume as the song requires during a fade out/fade in. Leaving it fully depressed as we play then rock it back a bit to bring drums down. Finding a repeatable level that won’t wander is not going to work.