Using aeros for looping + wav. backing tracks and beatbuddy

It seems to me that the only way you can seemlessly switch between all these devices is to have 2 aeros and a beat buddy
One aeros for backing tracks and one for looping with the beatbuddy
Otherwise your pulling leads in and out
I wish there was a way better way
Anyone else having this problem?

Not really clear what you are asking.

Perhaps it might help you to look into the routing of main in/out and aux in/out of the Aeros. That might help you avoid pulling leads in and out … depending on what you need.

What I mean is when I run my guitar into aeros and then out to my amp I can record

But when I want to play a backing track I want it to run clean into the mixer

Does using the aux achieve this

I think so. You can send main out to your amp and aux to your mixer.

You can change the routing of what goes where in the Aeros settings. Change the loop to playback to aux out for the backing track. You can still route the main in to the main out. What you can’t do is have one loop go to main out and another go to aux out.

Thanks for the fix

alternatively: import your backing tracks into a DAW and pan the hard left. Export. (44.1khz, 24bit, wav)
Import them into the AEROS, and set the AEROS to Stereo.
Plug your guitar in the AEROS right input and the right output to your Amp.
The backing track is now mono and comes out separately on L, but this way you wouldn’t have to use the Aux.
Any overdubs on your guitar will be displayed in the same waveform as the backing track, but they will come out only on the right output.

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Ok awesome thanks