Using Aeros like a 6 track recorder including Drum tracks

I was hoping to use the Aeros Loop Studio to record 2 tracks of BeatBuddy drums in stereo, 1 track for bass guitar, 1 or 2 tracks for guitar and one track for keyboards. After reading the instructions it tells me not to run the outputs of the Beat Buddy back to the inputs of the Aeros Loop studio. Drums on Drums would be bad. I understand for live performance. When live I run the Beat Buddy outputs to a set of studio monitors to keep them from playing through my guitar amplifiers. But what about when you want to actually record the drums onto the tracks of the Aeros Loop Studio along with the other four tracks and then store them on an SD card for transfer to a computer app like Garage Band or whatever? This would deliver up to 6 tracks already synced together to the app including the drums.
I’m just a songwriter wanting to create 6 tracks for transfer to a computer music app that would include 2 tracks dedicated to stereo drums plus whatever I came up with on the other 4 tracks. If I don’t put the Beat Buddy drums directly onto the 2 tracks I’m thinking they won’t be included in the saved song. I want to save the drums along with the rest of the composition. I don’t own a desktop mixer with multiple inputs. I’d like to just create, save to SD Card and transfer to computer including the drum tracks.
How do I do this?

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Rick (arlum).

Those instructions are mostly for live performance. For your application, just go ahead and route the BB outputs to the Aeros inputs (but it’s better if you have a mixer in between - that way you can have all instruments plugged in at once and easily balance AND PAN the individual volumes before they are recorded).

Record the drum performance, press the Overdub/Play button before the end of the last measure and then stop the BB.

From that point, don’t use the BB - use the track you just recorded for the drum sounds.

Thank You very much. I was hoping this would be possible. I’ll also look into a small mixer.

Could you use the Aeros as a small mixer? Route through the Aeros to your DAW, but don’t use the looper? Maybe a temp fix?

I’m using the Aeros for songwriting so recording the drum loops first and playing whatever I come up with along with them will probably work best for me.

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Hey there, so in essence you can do this just not at the same time, it’s not a multitracking capable device, it can only write one audio track at a time.

The reason we tell people not to record the BeatBuddy is because usually it is best to use the BeatBuddy live in conjunction with the Aeros, but you can record anything to the Aeros, think of it as a computer-less DAW, you can record anything you want, if your purpose is to capture ideas, feel free to record the BeatBuddy to the Aeros as a drum track.

If using external SD, you just record everything into your tracks and the Wav files will be separated by track and by L/R inputs on the SD card. When you do this make sure you only copy the files from the SD and do not alter the files in any way.

Keep in mind, we add 360 samples (out of 44,100 samples at 44.1kHz) to the end of every audio file to improve crossfades, if you plan to loop the tracks, you must remove this 360 samples from the end, if you are not looping what you recorded in Aeros, it should be of no consequence!

Let me know if what I’m saying makes sense to you!

Thanks for the question!

Yes Sir it does. I’m an old dude who wrote all my songs out in script until I got a handle on 4 track tape recording. I loved this format and recorded two full albums worth of music using it. At some point I upgraded to 8 track tape recording, (which gave me more options), but never enjoyed the experience as much. At some point tape disappeared and I was forced into digital. 8 track, 16 track and finally a Korg 32 track desktop. I hated all of them. I found I was spending so much time trying how to learn how to use them that it was taking to much time away from my on the spot ideas for new tunes, new musical directions, new hooks, etc., etc… I missed my old 4 track tape recorders. Recording was like a last step to preserving an idea or new song. It was never meant to be, for me, a job to learn and master. I haven’t recorded since 2004. I’ve got over 100 new songs that have never been recorded. I bought all of your products just hoping I could finally preserve the tunes I’ve come up with. I just want to archive my creative output. My children and their children might enjoy the tunes grandpa wrote. That’s all I’m going for. In truth, I never considered drums all that important until I took the time to create my own drum backing track on a Yamaha keyboard. Since then I’ve been through 1/2 dozen drum machines and never liked any of them. The Beat Buddy was perfect. I’ve played along with it and love it. Now I want to record my own songs using the Beat Buddy in stereo as part of the backing tracks. Drums, bass, guitar, sometimes synth and vocal.

Thank You

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