Using an output (instrument going in) on Beatbuddy to an aeros input

Hello and thanks in advance.
If using the instrument input on Beatbuddy, can that signal be sent to an Aeros channel independent of the drums? If so, how?
Just exploring audio routing options.

Might be good to explain why you need the to have the signal routed through the BB?

Generally it’s: Instrument -> Aeros -> BB (where the BB works as a mixer adding in the drums)

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I edited my post.

No. The BB doesn’t have that type of routing, but there’s not always a reason to route an instrument through it.

The other approaches are two seperate amps/output or a mixer

Instrument -> Aeros -> Amp -> Speaker
BB -> Amp2 -> Speaker 2

Instrument -> Aeros -> Mixer ->  ....
                 BB ----+