Using another footswitch


I use the footswitch on the BB set so that both switches pause a song when I press them. Unfortunately for live use it doesnt work as I often have to unpause just as my mouth (and eyes) go up to the mic to sing and I often miss the switch - so I need something bigger, so could I use something like this instead

And would I need non-latching like this or latching?

I know its only a mono connection so wont have some features, but all I need is press to pause, and press to unpause, and it would be really good if press and hold made it pause whilst holding, though the original BB footswitch I have doesn’t work like that so that’s expecting a lot I guess

Thanks :slight_smile:


This one will work, you need non-latching. If you’re a little handy with some tools you could build in a socket in the original BB footswitch and connect this new footswitch parrallel with one of the original footswitches. Then you would still have the ability to use both switches for a different function. Or buy two of these and connect them to a stereo cable.

Ok great thanks, I’ll get that then n give it a go and down the line might try getting 2 as you say. Cheers. Masten :slight_smile: