Using Areos with Midi maestro - thoughts

Thought Id post a couple of suggestions I think would help - interested if anybody thinks likewise:

  1. RPO Track 1 and 2 is programmable in the MM. This I think is of little benefit for the 2 x 2 option - it really just replicates what the Aeros buttons do any how but without the ability to undo ( with the long press) But it would be great with the 6 x 6 option - i.e RPO for tracks 1. - 6. Can this be done? Id like to use 6x6 more as it avoids over dubs and gets better mixing control.
  2. Is it possible to replicate the undo option in the MM? - i.e undo the last two takes?
  3. More than 1 Custom mode on the MM. I would like two modes at least - One for recording and 1 for playback - Jamming - performance. Surely if the default modes are wanted people can just get them from the app.
  4. Include labels for the two track buttons - I made my own. Having Left and Right buttons operating tracks that are top and bottom is for me awkward - not intuitive.

RPO on 6x6 is possible now with the 4.2 update
because you have the Midi CC next track now
Select the track with this CC and press rpo 1 must be possible

Undo works CC:37 Undo / Redo

		Undo/Redo Selected (Top layer)	0	Undo/Redo currently selected track's top layer (6x6 mode)	

		Undo/Redo Track (Top layer) 	1-6	Undo/Redo track's top layer (track # = value #)	

same way select track with cc 41 Value 103

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Ideally, we will allow more versatile recording and overdubbing capabilities over MIDI soon, but because there are some limitations on the Aeros of when a track can be recorded to and because there is no existing logic for the Aeros to have this control over all tracks via MIDI, it is not going to be possible for some time. We plan to do more expansions of the MIDI capabilities in the near future.

This is something else we plan on doing soon, we are aware that it is clunky to not have full undo power, but it is not a simple change and so it will also be in an upcoming MIDI expansion. For now only the last recorded layer of a track can be undone/redone.

This was requested here

Not sure what you mean, do you mean on the Default Mode or on the Aeros itself?

Thanks for the questions and thoughts!

Thanks for your reply. On the RPO for tracks 1 - to 6 - if that isn’t possible for some time - may be you can advise me if it is possible to at least use the MM to select tracks on the 6x6 version. Id like to avoid the double click function on the aeros that takes me to track 1.
I certainly will look Forward to better undo options - and hopefully more custom modes.
On the last point I just meant on the Aeros - It may just be me - I don’t find it particularly easy to relate which button is for the top and which is for the bottom track when I have to react quickly. So I just put some labels on my aeros.

For similar reasons, selection of any track via MIDI is not possible and will not be for some time.

4.2.x will have a Select Next Track MIDI command that works like the Next Track button on the Aeros, but selecting any track at any time is not something that we can allow at this time without causing other bugs. 4.2.0 is already out but has some known bugs and will be replaced soon with a new beta.

Thank you for your questions, stay tuned!