Using BB As MIDI Drum Module

I’ve attempted to connect the MIDI Out from a simple drum pad (KAT KTMP1) to the MIDI In of my BB but cannot seem to trigger the BB internal sounds.
As far as settings, I’ve made sure that BB Notes are enabled.
I have a slight suspicion that my MIDI adapter cable may be at fault so I’ve ordered a new one but does anyone have any further troubleshooting ideas?

Enabling Notes only tells the BB to send the notes as it plays. You need it to be listening on MIDI in. I’m not near my BB, so I can’t tell you how/if this can be done, but perhaps the all-knowing, all-seeing @BrennanSingularSound will be near his BB, and can fill in the rest for you.

Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty adept in MIDI, so I’m pretty sure my settings are all correct, as well as connections.
Without an on-screen indicator showing any MIDI activity, it’s pretty elusive to figure out.
I’ve also tried setting the MIDI channel of the BB to both OMNI and 10, which is the native channel for the KAT pad.

Okay. But Notes=Enabled is an output setting (I think). Here’s what I’d try:

  • Make sure the input side of the BB is set up properly (again, not near my BB, so I can’t coach you through that at the moment, but you’re pretty MIDI-savvy, it shouldn’t be too difficult)
  • Build a song part that is, let’s say, a single bar with Note-32 (chosen at random) at Velocity=0
  • Build a song that is just that part. Make sure you set the drum set to go with it.
  • Play that song while feeding it notes from your drum pads

I suspect the BB doesn’t produce output at rest, so it has to be running to make noise. This enables you to play through it.

Actually, if you just want to test that without building the dummy song as suggested, start any song and then try playing through your pads. But, again, the input side has to be set up correctly. Double-check that. And yes, I know I sound paranoid. Been a long week already. :wink:

Also note that, while I’ve chosen a random note to include in the “song,” whatever note you use, make sure it’s not part of a choke group.

You are correct. The setting is MIDI IN>Note On>Enabled. Notes is a setting in Midi out. I would try using a sniffer program with the KAT connect to my interface midi in, to make sure it is sending. I use MIDI Monitor, but I’m on Mac. But, there have been issues with bad breakout cables. Be sure that it is fully seated in the BB.

Hey there, as far as I can tell there must be something awry. As far as trouble shooting, it’s always a good idea to have a MIDI to USB cable or MIDI interface to connect to a MIDI monitor app on your computer and be sure each device is working normally. There are also methods to set this up on your phone. Make sure you’re on the right octave on your keyboard, remember the drumset may not have sounds on the octave you’re playing, I imagine it is a small keyboard. I believe the Kick is two octaves below middle C.

It very well could be a faulty cable, let us know!

Thanks for the reply. I have used this KAT pad frequently with no issues connected to many other midi-in devices. I just received the BB branded midi breakout cable. I will try it and let you know if I have success.
Thanks again!

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You need your pads to transmit notes from C2 (36) on channel 10.
C2 - BD, D2 - SNR, F#2 - HH…

New cable and still not working. Tried midi keyboard and same results. I’m confounded.

Did you try triggering it while it’s running?

Yes I have. It’s so strange. I’ve never had an issue with a midi device like this since the 90’s. Ha
I’ll keep trying but I’m afraid my BB might be defective. Hope not

The KAT is a percussion pad, not a keyboard, but I’ve attempted this connection with a keyboard (all octaves) with no avail.
The KAT transmits MIDI on channel 10, notes 0-99.
Should work like General MIDI
I’m hoping it’s not a defect with my BB.
I’ll keep trying but isn’t looking promising. Sadly, I haven’t had much use for my BB until I decided to use it as a MIDI sound module. I play in a band with a human drummer so the BB has been in it’s box since I bought it last year.
If I can’t get the MIDI to work, I’ll probably sell it

I just hooked up my old SR-16 MIDI out to my BB MIDI in to see if it responded to the SR-16 pads. It didn’t work right off (also initially and dumbly had the cable hooked to the BB MIDI out :upside_down_face:) . I had to go into the MIDI IN settings and ‘Enable’ the Note ON setting. I think you had mentioned checking this(?) There is a ‘Restore MIDI Settings’ that may be worth a try if you haven’t yet.
BB firmware ver 3.8.0.

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Hi, i have the same problem here. After reading a bunch of topics. I Still don’t get it how to use an external drumpad (midi out) into the beatbuddy(midi in) to generate sound out of the beatbuddy with the beatbuddy drumkit. I have a Roland Octopad spd-30. Probably i have to map note. What do what, i don’t understand. As far it’s BB midi note enable, channel 10 , note from 36 and above but then ?!? is the sound supposed to come out of the BB ? Thanks

You are going to have to configure your Octapad to send midi notes that match 8 of the midi notes in the BB kit. (see pages 63-65 of the Octapad manual.) Then, of course, your BB will need to be plugged into an amp with the 1/4 jacks so you can hear what is coming out.

BB Midi In settings - System Real Time - unimportant for this type of operation
Midi Channel number - needs to match midi out channel of the Octapad
Note On - Enable
Note Off - Ignored for your setup
Control Change - Disable
Program Change - Disable

BB Midi out settings - unimportant.

You shoud have a standard midi cable, not USB, going from the Midi out of the Roland to the Midi in side of the Beat Buddy Breakout cable. The midi out side should not be connected to anything.

Good luck.

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Yeah ! thank as i understand i need to find the midi mapping. in the beatbuddy manager?

Yes. Double click on the drum kit name in the list of drum kits, and that will open the drum kit so you can see it’s details, including the midi note number for each part.