Using BB parts to make a song - clarification needed

Before i mess things up too bad…need some advice.
I know…i can export, import and rename sng files. But then i also have to delete the parts I don’t want (fills, intro…whatever) done it, it works.

But…i’m wondering, If i make a NEW SONG in a New Folder.

Then go down to ( as an example) the Country 8 , bring it into BB Mgr, and then just COPY the midi part i want,

Can i then just PASTE that back into my new song.

Yes. Just remember to copy—not cut.

Hover over the song section you intend to copy until a wire frame appears on the section and then copy. Return to the folder where the song is and hover over where you want to paste until you get the wire frame and then paste.

If the source and target songs are in the same folder, you can opt- (or alt-) drag the sections between songs.

Once again…thanks for you rapid response. Seemed like it would work, but not trusting what is “under the hood” didn’t want to create something I couldn’t forsee that might damage internal linkages ( I guess). Thanks Again.