Using BB to output to recording tracks

Hi all –
While I’ve not yet purchased the BB, I’m really excited about it but have a couple of questions before I commit to buy.
My main intent for this is to use it for recording purposes. And not outputting to DAW or MIDI, but rather to a standalone unit. I recently purchased a Tascam DP-32SD and would like to record drums in stereo. If the BB can output a decent stereo mix, it is far more economical for me (I’m actually a keyboardist) than my other idea of buying an electronic drum kit that can output multiple tracks ($2,500 to $8,000! :eek:).

Has anyone tracked with the BB? And if so, do you have any sample recordings I can listen to?


I’ve recorded with it and it worked great! Very happy.

I recently used a Zoom H5 and recorded my bass di’ed into one channel and the beat buddy into the second channel. I didn’t do the BB in stereo- used the mono out but it should record in stereo no problem. We are learning a new song that the keyboard player is struggling with. I recorded bass/drums so he could play along outside of rehearsal. Worked great. I can email you an MP3 of the track if you are interested.

Yea I have a DP 32 SD and recorded the BB in full left right stereo straight in no eq and it sounded pretty damn good especially when you load a set and beats from the premium library haven’t got a chance to mixdown but shouldn’t have to tweak too much, it sounded better than my alesis DM 8 pro kit straight in same way, Im a guitar player not a drummer and its a dream come true for this guy worth every penny and some.

The sound of the BB is fantastic when recorded, especially stereo. I think it needs a little adjustment live, but that’s to be expected.

Hey everyone –
A LONG overdue thanks to those who replied to my initial post. Honestly, I had no idea anyone did as I’d not been following the site much until recently. But I noticed the date of my question, and realized that I’d had a heart attack and triple bypass less than 2 weeks afterward. :astonished:

But hey, at least I survived, right? Thanks again!