Using BB with audio interface

This is a real newbie question! I’m just diving into using BB as well as new to using an audio interface. My audio interface has two inputs that I use - one for my mic and one for my guitar. It has two midi inputs on the back. My question is: can I use the BB with my audio interface and the midi inputs? I want to be able to hear the BB and record with it to my DAW.

I saw the midi adapters on the singular sound website but not sure if I can use it as described above.

Thanks so much for any help with this. Again, this is all brand new to me!

Hey there,

You will need to do several things to make this work:

  1. Connect the MIDI Out of the interface into the MIDI in port of the BeatBuddy MIDI Adaptor using a standard 5 pin male to male MIDI cable
  2. Send MIDI Clock or MIDI notes into the BeatBuddy from the DAW, if you want the BeatBuddy to play MIDI that is in your DAW, send the notes. If you want the BeatBuddy to play songs on its SD send Clock
  3. Record the BeatBuddy Audio back into the DAW, MIDI connections will not record the BeatBuddy sounds

Here’s a little sketch of this

Thanks for the question! Let me know if you have any more :slight_smile:


Wow! Thank you so much for this detailed explanation! I’ll give it a try!


Donna, is it your intention to use the mic and guitar at the same time as listening/playing along to the BB and recording all of it? If so I get the impression your interface has only two audio inputs that are already used by the mic and guitar(?). To record the mic, guitar, and BB together at the same time you would need four audio inputs. You could as Brennan’s diagram suggests, record just the BB to a stereo track using the interface and then reconnect the mic and guitar to the interface and record vocals and guitar to two additional tracks while listening and playing along with the already recorded track of the BB.

What are you using for an interface?

Hi Mark! Yes - that’s exactly what I’d like to do and I’m limited because my audio interface only has 2 inputs. I’m using a Motu 2 audio interface.

Hmm, if you’re on a budget and don’t mind the slightly less manipulable signals you could use an amp modeler into the bb and thru the BB into the interface

I would highly suggest using an amp modeler in between or your guitar won’t sound very good

Mix the drums into the guitar sound using the drum volume knob, the guitar signal will be set by the guitar and modeler.

But the best experience will be with a 4 channel interface to use the BB in stereo and record the vocals, BB, and guitar isolated from each other

Hope this helps!

I got the same issue and have the MOTU2 with the BeatBuddy. My computer MACBOOK has Logic Pro X and I would like to record the drums, guitar and bass through my Audio Interface to my DAW. Then save it and play it live with a live vocal. What is the MIDI Notes?