Using BB with Loopers

An open invite to anyone who can provide a video of using BB with a Looper. THanks

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Here’s a BB video using my live setup…song is my original…" Everything’s Better"

Here’s my one. Posted elsewhere on forum already.

Can you save your work on your looper/BB anywhere, if you get it the way you like it ?
I know nothing about loopers , but, my wallet is getting ‘itchy’! … Nice info video …thanks.

Depends on the looper. As far as I know, Infinity allows for saving recorded loops. My Boomerang III does not, but I actually like it much more that way. As every time you power off your looper, and your loops are not stored, you must record them over and over again every time you power your looper on. I find this is very good for practicing, as after times of recording a loop, you will definitely work out a way how to play it so it sounds best!

Saving & storing are two different things? How much ‘storage’ do you have? thanks Daefecator, … a newbie q for sure …

Well, I am sorry for sometimes using terms inappropriately, but I was talking about the difference between persistent and non-persistent memory. My Boomerang III allows for storing up to 15 minutes of mono audio, but it is not persistent - if you power cycle the device, it will be gone for good. The signal is not digitized, though, and the quality of the loops is truly amazing.
On the other hand, Infinity looper is able to save the loops between sessions (most likely by digitizing them, loosing quality a little).

o_O The Boomerang records mono at 24KHz/16 bits and stereo at 48KHz/20 bits… those bits are digital.

Well, I need to admit I am wrong this time :slight_smile:
Thanks for correcting me, scudd!

I was about to buy the analog Boomerang!

I once unscrewed my Boomerang and found a magnetic tape inside… but then I woke up :frowning: