Using BB with midi sync

Best practice question: just ordered my BB today and thinking about my guitar setup and not sure the best practice. I’m using a Boss RC-500 looper and I think I should let the looper be the master clock. Question in my mind is the audio path.

My looper is presently the last effect in my signal chain so I record exactly what I hear from my amp. Not sure whether to put the BB behind my looper (such that I actually RECORD the BB output) or put the BB downstream of the looper (making the BB the last effect in my audio stream) and not actually record the BB output having it play live every time I hit play or record on the looper.

My guess is that I probably want to do the latter and NOT record the BB output - because as long as it syncs correctly the sound will be the same whether BB is live or recorded.

I would not record the BB into the looper…it is unnecessary if the sync is working properly, as you mentioned. With that said, I use the BB as the master and sync my looper to it. I am not sure what you are connected to as far as PA / mixer goes. I don’t pass any signal through the BB. I only take its output to the mixer and MIDI sync to the looper. My looper is at the end of my signal chain so I can record with any effects I want.

Other people sync to the looper, I am not sure why that is a way to go. Hopefully someone with that configuration will chime in.

Thanks very much!!! I have a small line mixer so I can easily route my effects chain and BB output separately. After thinking about it and reading your reply, I realized recording the BB output in the loop is problematic - especially because a loop overdub will record more drums every time I overdub, unless I change a patch or output BB output volume - which I definitely don’t want to mess with.

Not sure about midi slave/master config yet but it’s easy to experiment with that after I get the BB setup and see which works for me - like you said - if sync is working correctly it probably doesn’t matter - just not sure -if BB is master - how the looper (Boss RC-500) is going to respond to a midi START signal from the BB (record, play, or overdub) but the Boss unit probably has a midi setting to configure that.