Using beat buddy with an RC 300

I’d like to know if I can control the RC 300 via MIDI with my beat buddy. Specifically, will I be able to use the intro on the beat buddy and have the loop record start on the downbeat of the first bar as with the Aeros?

Hey there,

I have not seen favorable news on this because RC 300 is apparently better as a master and really is only meant to pair with itself.

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Here is one that may help.


You Can use your Beatbuddy,but it has to MIDI Sync to the RC-300…Make sure you turn off the intro on the Beatbuddy…And everything will sync-up correctly…You can use the Rythem Drums on the RC-300-and,you can use 2 rythems per patch…You also can use another Drum Machine…Like the Alesis SR-16 at the same time…3 Drummers at once…Basic rythems from the RC-300…and more complex rythems-and Fills from the Other 2 Drum Machines…I’m using the SR-16 and Beatbuddy with the Aeros…Also using the Midi Maestro with the BB and Aeros…It’s Great that Singular Sound keeps Adding Fixes and Features in their Updates…The last RC-300 update-was a Long Time Ago…