Using BeatBuddy as a Click Track

I know most of us here are soloists using the BeatBuddy but I was wondering if anybody has tried using the BB in a Band Setting as a click track, with a live drummer. I am a drummer as well, and have been recently asked to help more with church worship on drums, so getting up to speed on the latest. From what I am discovering, a basic click track is being used more often than not for live and studio performances these days, and especially in church settings when loops and other effects are used, and multi instrumentalists. I am going to be using IEMs and thinking about using the BB and setting up a basic click track sound into the IEM to keep in time better. Sounds like it takes some practice to be able to play live this way, but appears to be where most are headed, especially drummers.

With the BB being able to start and stop with a footpress, and setting TT, seems like a perfect fit. I understand it may not be perfect soley for that use (due to cost) but I already own it anyways. The only thing I see needing is a little easier Tap Tempo capability which has been discussed elsewhere and sounds like Singular is working on.

just curious of any experiences using it this way.

Entirely possible as a member mentioned this quite a while back; he also uploaded a Urei click track file:

Set my BB up for a live band who needed a click a couple of weeks ago, the drummer was impressed and it did the job well. It’s a bit of overkill when all you need is a click, but it was available so we used it.

In my studio, tracking with the Beatbuddy as my click track makes laying down my parts much easier and makes me more comfortable than a sterile click. Since I use it all the time playing solo, you become very familiar with it. So when it’s time to hit the record button, you are at ease and know what to expect. I even find myself using the fills and transitions while tracking my guitar.