Using BeatBuddy as a manual Foot Stomp Box - Problem with a wav sample

So after looking at the commercially available Foot Stomps, I got this idea of just using my BeatBuddy to manually create a bass beat with accent foot presses. I hooked up my Boss FS-6 Footswitch, which a way more durable footswitch than the beatbuddy for momentary tapping and then loaded some bass Drum Wavs from existing kits into my global Accent folder(Effect folder). I then assigned the global accent hit to a footswitch when paused, so I can create manual beet with a consistent footpress. Works great, other than the fact that there is no variation for velocity. The only issue I am having is I wanted to use a Cajon Wav, so I loaded the Bass Drum Wavs for “Ben’s Cajon”, but they dont play when pressing the accent switch. I even tried all of its variations but no luck. Every other sound in my accent folder works fine. Is there some parameter limitation to wavs for use as accents that is different than what a drumset would use? Stumped…

Try taking out the apostrophe from the name, it is possible that the BeatBuddy is not reading the accent hit due to that. If that did not solve the issue, send me the WAV file to (with a direct link to this forum thread), and I will take a look at it.

As a side question (to be answered in the email if you need to send me one): regarding the other WAVs that work, are they only the WAVs that come with the pedal, or do they include other accent hits that you have added yourself in the same manner, and only the “Ben’s Cajon” one is not working out of the bunch?