Using BeatBuddy as the tone generator for an external synthesizer

theoretically, it should be pretty easy to do with any of the tracks that have bass/keys/etc added as long as you configured the receiving device correctly. i am going to play around with it soon with my cruddy old Yamaha PRS-38 keyboard, but if anyone has good success doing it with more modern equipment I would love to hear about your experiences and etc. :slight_smile: it will help me to direct my daydreaming as i plan future expansions to my setup

lots of possibilities here for using the BeatBuddy as a master controller for more advanced rigs.

You, you can use the BB as an external sound module. You need to make the correct BB midi settings, to match your midi input device.

i am wondering about the other way around… having BeatBuddy control an external sound generator. which would of course only work correctly with custom song files, in the same vein as bass / keyboard song files. which would mean that without some sort of MIDI converter in between you’d be stuck with just the note range that would hold the bass part in a bass song file? and you’d need to set the external synth to only respond to those notes, and not the drum portion o the MIDI data, which isn’t possible on every device.

so, very limited functionality, but man it’d be cool still :slight_smile:

unless there’s something i’m missing? i’m a quick learner but i’m definitely sststill a ne

@JoeInOttawa is the Forum expert on the Midi Solutions Event Professor. He uses it to run lights.he could tell us if it can be configured to work on a range of notes, changing channel and octave. I don’t know of anything else that might handle that task. The lack of multi channel output from BB midi is going to be problematic.

If you did something like defining different velocity ranges as different instruments and using the Event Processor to convert those into new note messages on different channels, you could expand one channel out to many.

I have controlled my Beatbuddy with an Arturia Beatstep Pro.

Can you help me do this? Get my BB to work with the Arturia?