Using Beatbuddy on Bulldog (The Ventures) by User of the Month

Hi all, SYSTEM says we were awarded the “User of the Month” badge and to celebrate it, how about showing you guys how “user of the month” uses BB with her daddy playing Bulldog at an Orbis charity event. Mina seldom plays the rhythm guitar and Bulldog is one of the few songs she helps me do the rhythm part. Boy, the strumming could be a bit tiring for a 9 year old kid, not to mention it was her who operates BB in the footage (very subtly but you can still see her using her left foot)…quite busy I must say. Hope you will enjoy the video!


Ray :wink:


Nice. Deserved the recognition!

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No kidding…I post here because I want Beatbuddy and the forum to do well. Without BB, we would not be able to gig so often cos we don’t have a drummer! I don’t like using backing track too much so BB helps guitar players like us a lot and opens up many doors. I am still amazed by what this little machine does for a guitar duo like us. :wink:

Very Nice!

How do you embedd the YouTube Video into the post???

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Just copy the link from YouTube and paste it into your new thread

The forum automatically adds the embedded video