Using BeatBuddy with Fractal Audio FM9

Is anybody using BeatBuddy with Fractal Audios’ new FM9 Turbo?
I’ve got one coming soon, having been using BB with their older Axe FX 2, and would like to know how people are connecting the midi.
I used BB timecode to drive the Axe 2, and achieved good sync with a Pigtronix Infinity looper.
But I’m also thinking with the FM9, that as it’s doing that, also to use BB as the master controller: using its song presets to change the FM9 presets; and maybe even to use BB song section changes to change the FM9’s Scenes?
I use a small mixing desk with onboard fx to run the BB and FM9 outputs to monitors and FOH - which works fine. I’ll have BB sending tempo all the time, for when I’m not actually playing drum sounds.
Many thanks.

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Did you get this to work? I am interested in the beat buddy bit will it midi sync to the looper in the axe?