Using CC:108 or CC:80/81 on MM EXP pedal for BB Volume

I finally got my ESP pedal to work for volume control. I used the Positional Mode as demonstrated in the video and set the CC at 80 per the default.
The result I got was that the volume rage was only between 1 and 2%. Not a very large range for me. If I change the CC to 108 will that increase the volume range?

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CC:108 is the Volume Parameter, CC:80 and CC:81 are increase and decrease tempo commands, respectively.

If you want to use the pedal to add or subtract tempo from the Aeros or BeatBuddy based on the amount you move the pedal up or down, you will want to go into the MIDI Maestro app and set the EXP pedal to Relative, then set the Increasing value to CC:80 and Decreasing value to CC:81

If you wish to control the BeatBuddy Main volume using the current position of the EXP pedal, you will want to go into the MIDI Maestro app and set the EXP pedal to Positional, then set the value to CC:108 to control the Main volume, or CC:109 to control the Headphone volume.

Using CC:80 or CC:81 in positional mode will not work!

Thanks for the question

Thanks, that was what I was thinking.

Brennan can you help me out here. I lost power and in doing so I lost control of my volume pedal. I’ve tried to reset following the young ladies super-fast instructions but have not had any success. Can you send me written steps to reset this again. Not that computer savvy unfortunately. Thanks.

If I were Brennan I’d need a bit more information that what is your current situation and what are you trying to achieve :thinking:

I know you want to control BB volume, right. And you should know the CC commands to use in MM. So is it not working even after putting the correct CC commands into MM? :thinking: Or what is your current situation? :upside_down_face:

You might need to calibrate the MM to match the expression pedal. And make sure the channel is correct :relieved: