Using Double/Half Time Commands


Has somebody been able to use these MIDI commands successfully? I have been testing them and get them to work when pressing the assigned pedal, but I do not know how to make it go back to the regular tempo.

Any help is welcome!


I’m just thinking out loud here and because I have not tried them out, if you issued the half-time command for a beat of 100BPM which should change it to 50BPM and you wanted to change it back to 100BPM again, wouldn’t issuing a double-time command double the 50BPM back to the 100BPM? Likewise if you double-timed 100BPM to 200BPM, to get it back to 100BPM, you’d just issue a half-time command?

I’ve used the half time MIDI command (CC82). If you issue the CC82 with 127, it turns on the half time, and then a CC82 with 0, it turns it back to full time. Is this what you’re asking?

I`ve just set this up and came here looking for ideas.

I`m sending half time command ( CC82 value127 ) with a normal press, then (CC82 value1) which gets me back to normal time with a long press, using a MC6.

Getting into half time is fine… But getting out is gonna take 5mins of practice.

LOVING these midi commands!!! Delicious.

Could you get same results with Toggle?

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Duuuuuuude!!! YESS!!! Took me 20mins of youtubing to work it out but yes!!!

This is a game changer… I been using MC6 to launch one shots / samples… I can now have two for every switch.

Thanks man! Supurb suggestion.

Yeah, Toggle and Message Scroll are priceless.

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