Using external Midi

I would like to use a midi-based pedal to trigger a kick drum sound separate from the BB. (I realize I could program the sound into the Accent Button on the external pedal, but I want to have a different Accent). My question is: Is there a way to use a pedal that has midi out (and triggers a kick sound) to also do the “Tap Tempo” setting for the BB? My use case is - I want to start a song with a Kick Drum for say, 4 or 8 beats and then start the BB - and that is where the Tap Tempo comes in. I want to make sure that the BB is in time with the external Kick. During the time of the Kick Sound, I need to change the song and reset my Looper, so I don’t think I can use the Intro feature to make this happen.

I am using an external kick drum pedal from an Alesis electronic drum set to trigger the BB sounds I want. I midi out from an Alesis Trigger I/O module and into the midi in of the BB. Work great. If you are using the BB midi in to also read song selection commands from your iPad you will need to use a midi merge device as well.

Thanks for the help! Can the Alesis Trigger I/O send tap tempo as well?

Not sure about that one. I will need to check out that out tomorrow and get back with you

I have a Roland SPD-30 octapad, and when hooked up to the BB pedal, I was able to “play” the beatbuddy with the spd-30, and also have the BB “play” the spd-30… the midi worked both ways!

This is really interesting. When in this setup could you get the SPD-30 to continue playing whilst also adding fills and transitions on the BB? My interest in this is to see if I could use a Drum with Bass drumset and play the bass notes only from an external source whilst still being able to play the drum parts from the BB adding fills and transitions. To me this would allow you to use the BB as originally intended for drums with transitions and fills introduced at will (i.e. without using the one-hit song approach) and have he complete midi bass part of the song play from beginning to end and from an external source through the BB (to get the bass sound). Do you think this would work?

I believe that would work… let us know! :slight_smile: