Using Forscore to send MIDI tempo to BeatBuddy

I can send program changes using Forscore music app to the Beatbuddy but they don’t make it easy to also send tempo. They allow you to send a Program change which is easy but to send tempo I think you need to use their other method which is sending a HEX Code. I’ve never done that and can’t figure out how to send one or make it work or find a reference to it. Has anyone tried this before or have thoughts?

Tsing4u, recently, I purchased both BB and Forscore.
I play keyboards. Roland 2000.

Like you said in a your post- I am trying to control BB as I bring up a PDF in FS. How?

How do I program FS to bring a preset drum beat in BB?

I am certain my next problem will be controlling the tempo

What have you learned?

Thank you, Frank. Long Island. NY

It took a while but I finally figured out how to send midi data from Forscore to Beat Buddy. The next challenge is sending tempo info to Beat Buddy from Forscore. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Frank.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Sorry, this is something I’ve desperately wanted to figure out as well. OnSong app sends tempo from the metronome so you set the bpm in the metronome and it’s automatically going to follow. I’ve requested Forscore to make theirs do the same. Maybe reach out to them with the same request.
If anyone responds with a solution let me know. Any attempts to send tempo seems to mess up the command to choose the song or drum style I want. Maybe you can send tempo on a separate midi channel but I never made it work.

Thanks, I worked my way around : I’ve made a song in my BB for every song in my list…

Yes, I’ve done the same thing but it can become overwhelming at some point. I have tons. I also got a control pedal that when using the Midi Miestro sends tempo so I can quickly scroll up and down to set tempo but it’s glitchy. It does help to quickly get close like from 80- 120 for example then I can use up and down buttons to hit it exactly. Sending the actual MIDI commands via Forscore would be such a blessing if someone could help us.

For those who are wondering how to change songs on your Beatbuddy with Forscore, I used this video :

Works great ! I did my first show last week with it, and it went well.

I have worked and worked to make the same progress with MIDI Tempo via Forscore which has included several support calls. It’s now Down to the issue seems to be with Forscore it’s self in that it expects to only see 1-3 numbers (no letters or cymbals) per MSB LSB. CC106 CC107 requires more entries than it seems capable of. If for example you try to put 106 followed by a “:” or space or any other number it changes the next input (no matter what) to 127 which negates the 106 or 107. I have written to Forscore support explaining. It may be possible to use Hex Code but as of yet I know nothing of that method and it I try copying some examples I’ve found on line they still don’t work. So, nothing yet. I WILL SAY I discovered a possible flaw in the Maestro confirmed by Jay of BB. In the 80’s MIDI drums were assigned to Channel 10 as a mid data default for multi channel MIDI tracks. For example if you purchased prerecorded MIDI tracks of songs that had the bass on one channel, keys on another, drums on another etc. SO, I had changed the BB to received on Channel 10 and my Nord Keyboard to receive keyboard patches via channel 1. Oddly when BB is set to Channel 10 the tap tempo and expression pedal stop working to communicate tempo (while the up and down tempo increment buttons remain working). I was confused how incremental tempo buttons would work and tap tempo would stop? If I change back to Channel 1 or Omni it begins to work again. SO, I had to edit ALL several hundred charts AGAIN.

I am getting a BeatBuddy in a few days. I had a similar pedal (Hotone Ampero). I thin to change tempo using forscore HexCodes - I send two tempo lines B06Axx and B06Byy within the same forscore preset. For 100BPM, that’s 64 hex, so the two CC commmands would look like B06A00, B06B64. For a tempo above 128, for example, 130BPM, the commands would be B06A01, B06B02 (01=128 + 02 = 130). Does this work for you?

Is there a scale or chart showing how to determine the Hex codes you show? I’ve used CC command only for the bank and song etc successfully but have wanted badly to be able to send MIDI tempo at the beginning of each chart. I’ve never used HEX before and not seen it illustrated

I tried to cut and paste a table here, but it doesn’t format properly - send me an email at and I’ll get you that conversion table


Zip your file and post it. That should work.