Using Helix to control BB midi commands requiring a press & release command


I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to program the BeatBuddy CC120 command from my Helix Floor unit. CC120 are basically what controls the BB out of the box with no other devices attached. One press and the song (or intro if set to start with an intro) starts, another press and you get a fill, another press a transition, double press the song ends, etc… I’m trying to understand how I might program midi on a Helix floor unit that would allow me to send a command to the BeatBuddy that requires, both a specific command on the press and then a second command that occurs upon the release…

I am able to program the CC 120 function to work properly when using a Midi Maestro. The drums start/stop/fill and transition with each single press of the MM, etc…

My confusion is trying to figure out how one can program a command to function with a “press” and then a second command with a “release” on a Helix unit when Helix doesnt offer the same exact options to make the press/release commands.

When using the MM for this command, there is no toggle required on the commands, just the press and depress commands with either the value 1 for the press and the value 0 for the depress. Is there a way that a press and depress command can be programmed on the Helix?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there,

You may have a better response on the Line 6 forums but if the Helix is able to send a specific CC command value when it is pressed, then you could control the main pedal with two presses, either on a button that toggles or on two separate buttons,

One button would have to be pressed first and send CC:120 value 1, and then another must send CC:120 value 2, but this sounds like it would be problematic for timing reasons, is there any reason you can’t use the Maestro to do all the controlling in your set up?

Let me know, thanks!

Thanks for the reply Brennan. I did go ahead and post the question on a Line 6 forum and was helped. I thought I had deleted this question on the Singular site, but since I didn’t somehow, I’ll say that the problem has been solved. I normally do my pedal edits on the Helix floor unit directly from the floor and didn’t realize there was a second page that had part of the command (toggle or momentary footswitch) on it. When I did the edit on their HX Edit program, I saw the second page. So, it’s just a cc:120 with a value of 0 and a CC:120 with a value of 1 and on the second page of commands, “momentary” is checked. As far as using the Maestro, yes I can use it, but I was trying to reduce the footprint of my pedal boards for use in travelling and the command set up in the Helix doesnt require a phone app that takes some trial and error and quite a bit of time to use. I do use the MM at home.

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Actually, I guess I should clarify the Helix command procedure, in case someone else does have this issue.
On Helix, in their command center, you would choose a single “Toggle CC” command,
type in the channel you have your BB to send the command to (I’m using channel 1).
List the cc command of 120,
then put a zero in the “Dim” slot and a 1 in the “Lit” slot,
then change the page and change the pedal type to “Momentary”.

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