Using lyric apps

I use one called lyricpad - can this be synced so that when I choose a song BB also jumps to that song with the beat ready to go? I read onesong can do it but its an IOS and I use android

I use setlist maker which does all that. When you select song in setlist maker it picks the beat, sets the volume and tempo in BB. I’m trying to set it up too pick a specific drumset but no success with that yet.

Yes thats what I want too an app that picks your preloaded songs from your set list - keep me informed how youre getting on please

Have you tried the APP -> Set list Maker - yet ? If you do try it and like it, me and a couple of others in this forum can help you with setting up the automation your looking to do with BB.

When it selects a song is your drum set not already set up the way you prepared it on bb manager?

Tempo and drum kit can be set on the fly using the knobs on the BB, and now, with midi commands.

As Rob mentioned with midi this allows me to set a drum kit to something other then its default kit depending on the mood and feel of the session. I find myself most times going back and forth from standard kit to Rock or Ballid to vintage. It’s nice to be able to just change a kit at the press of one button or foot pedal and not have to bend over and flip through the settings with the knobs. Set list maker allows me to setup midi presets so now all I have to do is just press a button. I plan on buying a midi foot pedal controller. So I can have one bank set with all the drum kits.