Using Midi Maestro with Beat Buddy - Beat buddy goes on Keyboard and used as a screen

Hi Every one,

Currently I’m playing Jazz standards on a Korg SV1 Keyboard (old tech but
great sounds) using a Keyboard split of:
Left hand Upright Bass and right hand piano.

Am I right in assuming using the Midi Maestro with Beat Buddy - if I physically
put the Beat buddy pedal on Keyboard music stand I can in effect us it as a screen to monitor songs, set lists and tempos. The midi Maestro becomes the foot pedal controller any way.

This would get round looking down at the pedal, have enough with keyboard split
managing Bass and comping chords and solos.

Any guidance appreciated or having used this in live situation.

Great forum and products.

Kind regards
Andy Ray

Hey there,

If you are asking if you can easily control BB handsfree using the MIDI Maestro, then yes!

There are many mapped MIDI commands, which are listed here.

Let me know if this answers your question!