Using MIDI to set the Aeros tempo (not clock)

I have a question…my band runs TEMPO app from iPad because it has setlist we can create and save. We also us ONSONG for charts and other things. I recently found out I can use that app to send midi commands to other midi devices. I would like to know if it’s possible to send a midi message from ONSONG to Aeros Looper to sync the tempo we are playing for each song. Will Aeros receive it somehow wirelessly, via USB? I would like to send the click from Aeros into everyone’s in-ear or continue to use the current click we are using, but have the Aeros sync’d with metronome so I can record backing tracks on the fly. I can’t tap in the tempo when trying to record a backing track live. It has to be in sync. What are my options? I would do it wirelessly using Yamaha’s wireless midi device, or one of the others, but Aeros’ midi in and out are too far apart for that to work. I need another idea or if this isn’t possible, I feel I’ve wasted time and money on this device. That may sound harsh, but I don’t want to buy another $300 plus unit to do what I want and need to do in a live setting. Can you help?

Hi there,

no this is not currently possible on the Aeros, it requires incoming MIDI clock to change the tempo via MIDI

If OnSong can send clock you may be able to handle with a wired connection but i have heard clock from the iPad is always unstable with a wire.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at this time for this.

We could consider creating a MIDI command like the BeatBuddy has to allow this, you are free to request this in the appropriate forum category.

Thanks for your patience

So this is how I’ve always done it but I have each device designated as a specified MIDI Channel. I have the tempo identified in OnSong and set as a MIDI Command to Channel 1 (BB Channel). Then the Aeros is slave to BB and receives tempo from BB.

This use to work perfectly but since the Aeros Update to 5.0.3, Aeros does not stay synced to BB.