Using MM to switch songs Plays bit of previous song

Maybe u can decipher from the title…
I have a show in 2 weeks and I would rather not be bending down after every song to select the next songs.
But, if I use the Singular Sound footswitch to end songs and the MM (which I love) to scroll and choose the next song,
it first plays a few bars of the previous beat before landing me at start for the next.
This is highly annoying and obviously I’d like to learn what I am doing wrong
before the next show.
I appreciate any help you beautiful people can give me.

Do you have the command “Select song” ? CC36 value 2
You need to scroll and press this command
the song gonna loading and you can start


Do you erase the previous song before loading another ?
*if yes, do you erase the song by Holding the start switch and than confirm?
In this case you can hear the song before erasing

If you don’t want to hear it ,you need the “erase song” command CC42 value 0 .Warning there is no warning . One press and the song is gone , the saved aswell

Hey, thanks for responding!
Yesterday, I discovered, if I start the song with the main beat buddy pedal
I can avoid playing that snippet of the previous song.
At least I can do it that way live.
I def. don’t erase. All my song parts are pre-written and I’ll arrange them
in a general setlist prior to performing.
Sept.17 will be the first time I’ve used the BB or any drum machine live
and I am excited.
Thanks for trying to help!!!

Just checking in, do you no longer have the issue?